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You weren’t made to go through life on your own.  God created us with a need to do life with other people.

At ALC we believe life is best lived in circles, not in rows. Though joining together for church services (where we sit in "rows") is very valuable, we believe that real-life transformation is found most often in the context of community, where we can get to know one another more, build relationships, live life together, be transformed to be more like Jesus, and help those around us (neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, cities, etc.) live a better life in Christ.

We aim to facilitate this kind of transformational community through what we call "Life Circles."  Life Circles are at the core of our church. They are available throughout the year (excluding Summer) and are similar to small group Bible studies.  Worship, scripture, and prayer are essential elements of any Life Circle.

When you attend Life Circles, you will meet people, just like you, dealing with everyday life.  There will be a time for hanging out and getting to know each other.  Then there will be a discussion time with questions based on the previous weekend’s message.  All Life Circles will be having the same discussions so we as a church can move together in the same direction.  We believe that Life Circles are vital in us becoming the people that God wants us to be.