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It’s a blessing when women can gather together to learn from and encourage each other as we journey through life. We would consider it an honor for you to join us as we discover how to connect with God and empower each other to change our world. The Women 2 Woman (W2W) ministry is designed to bring women of all ages and cultures together, to engage in a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and develop strong relationships with each other.  We believe women are amazing, brilliant and beautiful at all ages and stages of life, especially when they possess the heart of their Heavenly Father.  From the youngest to the oldest, being made in the image of God as a woman, is both a privilege and the adventure of a lifetime!
It is our desire to help women grow in the Spirit in a comfortable and relaxed setting as we celebrate womanhood and our place in the body of Christ as well as our homes and communities. We love and honor you girls! W2W will help bring God’s perspective to every avenue of your life with Bible studies that highlight the hills and valleys of women’s lives.  This ministry provides an opportunity for women to meet new friends and fellowship with sisters in Christ.
Please join us the second and fourth Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. for Women 2 Woman. A fun time where your new best friends are waiting for you. We hope to see you there.
For more information please contact Sareta Delgado – saretaromell@hotmail.com