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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to define true authentic manhood while finding our identity in Christ.  In our society, being a man has become a bit confusing.  There are a number of definitions and expectations according to the world’s standards.  We will look at the biblical call to be a godly man as one who rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously and invests in eternity while maintaining a biblical world view.
We are called to be complete in Christ – To be complete in Christ means that we are happy in being a man!  We provide for our families, fight for righteousness, have close male friends that encourage us and we are faithful to our wives (or keep ourselves sexually pure before marriage).
As men, it is our responsibility, right and honor to be the spiritual leaders of our homes and communities. We would honored for you to join us the first Saturday each month at 8am for our men’s fellowship as we dig deeper into God’s word, Together we declare His promises over our families, communities and church while develop long lasting relationships.